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LATE PROPOSALS STILL ACCEPTED! Submit your paper now SUM 2018 Symposium - Quarto Simposio on Urban Mining, Bergamo 21-23 maggio 2018

Late proposals still accepted for review

Submit your light paper!

We wish to thank all authors that submitted a proposal for presentation at SUM 2018!
More than 130 papers reached the Organising Secretary by the deadline of January 31st, submitted from dozens of different countries which makes this edition of the conference particularly promising. 
In order to maximise the opportunity for both professional staff and academics working in our field to share the latest developments across the range of topics represented at SUM 2018, late papers will be evaluated by the Committee. Authors wishing to submit a late proposal may still do so using the online submission form

Contributions in the form of short papers (3-4 pages) will also be accepted and evaluated for inclusion in the conference programme! 
The official languages of the Symposium are English and Italian. Read more >>>



Partnership with International Scientific Journals

Acceptance and publication of papers

Papers submitted for presentation will undergo a thorough selection process carried out by world leading waste management experts, represented by the Symposium Scientific Committees. All accepted will be published on a dedicated volume of Symposium proceedings
Additionally, SUM 2018 partners with international renowned journals. Through those partnerships, authors of selected leading papers from the event will be invited to submit extended versions of their manuscript for possible publication in the following journals: RecyclingWaste Management Journal and Ingegneria dell’Ambiente.


Are you a start up?

The call is still open!

This year, for the first time, the SUM Symposium has a special consideration for StartUps involved in the field of Urban Mining and circular Economy. 
An entire conference session will be dedicated to the presentation of promising Start-ups dealing with the following topics:
Recycling and reuse of materials / Innovative separate collection systems / Food waste prevention and reduction / E-waste management / Waste management and circular economy / Waste recycling and social change / Takeback programs / Technologies for materials recovery / Recirculation pathways and markets / Education and social aspects (Communication campaigns) / Water and wastewater reuse programs / Waste disposal fee, bans and fines / Others. Read more >>>

For further information please send an email at: info@urbanmining.it


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