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The World LPG Association (WLPGA) announces the launch of #LPGday A global online social media event to promote the benefits of LPG worldwide

Why #LPGday?
There are many days in the global awareness calendar to celebrate an incredible breadth of topics and issues. WLPGA recognised that there is no specific online awareness day to celebrate LPG/propane. 7th June has been selected as the #LPGday and will be celebrated annually and become an integral part of the LPG industry’s communications strategy.

What are the goals of the day?
The goals are quite simply to significantly increase LPG focused social media outreach efforts globally to further raise awareness of the benefits of LPG, in particular to policy makers, media and in the longer term, the general public. WLPGA will also encourage the wider propane community will get really involved and get creative with their own campaign ideas.

How was 7th June selected as the date?
It is always a challenge to select one date for a global campaign. WLPGA took into account avoiding a clash with public and religious holidays around the world, and established awareness days, such as International Womens’ Day on 8th March. WLPGA also wanted to separate this from the annual World LPG Forum (organised by WLPGA) which always takes place in September or October. A date in early June was a clear and logical choice. The date was also agreed by WLPGA members.

What would WLPGA like to see organisations and individuals in the U.S. do to help spread the word?
WLPGA encourages the entire community to be creative and make this day their own - prepare a campaign to spread the word using the #LPGday hashtag. WLPGA has prepared videos and visuals that will be posted on every platform starting from early May. Whether it is simply retweeting all messages, following WLPGA and supporting WLPGA’s social media, or posting a company’s own ideas – photographs of your businesses, your teams, your products with the #LPGday hashtag – it is also an opportunity to garner additional visibility for your own company.


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The World LPG Association (WLPGA) is the authoritative voice for the global LPG industry representing the full LPG value chain. The primary goal of the association is to add value to the sector by driving premium demand for LPG, while also promoting compliance to good business and safety practice. With over 270 members in 125 countries, the association brings together private and public companies involved in one, several or all activities of the industry, develops long-term partnerships with international organisations and implements projects on local and global scales. The Association was established in 1987 and granted Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council in 1989.

For more information visit www.wlpga.org (@worldlpgassoc).


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