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Automa Srl

Via Casine Di Paterno - 60131 Ancona (AN)
Tel.: +39 071 802.8042/374 - Fax:+39 071 802374

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Presentazione aziendale

AUTOMA è una società di progettazione, ingegnerizzazione e produzione di tecnologie Made in italy per il monitoraggio remoto in ambito Oil, Gas e Water.


Being aware the needs of the customers, AUTOMA has developed a series of products and services including installation, training, hosting, support and maintenance of the various systems. The customer care has no longer a simple support function, but it represents a way of thinking about its role alongside of the customers/partners and that allows you to optimize the use of your solutions adapting them to practical and precise requirements. Through events opened to everyone, AUTOMA every year presents its products and solutions already appreciated by small, medium, and large international companies and situations worldwide.



Learn how Automa can help you get the most innovative solutions for your oil, gas and water plants.


Cathodic Protection

Data-loggers for cathodic protection systems.

Specifically small designed with cover fitting any typical test posts. Energy-efficient technology powering design for standard autonomous operation. Local or remote management and configuration.


Pressure Detection

Data-loggers for pressure cabs

Designed for measuring, monitoring and remote control of pressures in pipelines and pressure reducing and measuring stations.



Remote control for pressure regulators in ATEX areas

The solution that allows to fulfll the most binding requirements of measure and control, combining the high performance of the solution GOLIAH2-P and a specifically designed regulating motor.


TROVA AZIENDA (o vedi l'elenco alfabetico prodotti)

Più di 1.000 Aziende e 600 prodotti per i settori di Acqua, Gas, Energia.

La selezione "ordina per rilevanza" evidenzia le aziende presenti su AcquAgenda/GasAgenda o abbonate al portale, a seguire l'elenco alfabetico generale.


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