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LPG Week 2021/Dubai:Become a partner today! The sales for the biggest global LPG event of the year has officially kicked off!

LPG Week 2021 will be hosted in Dubai from 5th – 9th December as one of the first physical gatherings for the industry after almost two years. Catch up with old contacts or take the opportunity to find new ones. LPG Week offers exhibition, sponsorship, presentation, and advertising options aimed to enhance your visibility and experience during the event. As a new feature, LPG Week 2021 will also offer exclusive online and hybrid options for all partners. This means you will be able to reach even more contacts online from anywhere in the world additionally to those onsite.

LPG Week also offers the opportunity to host your own company meetings or events, and to be part of the LPG Week programme. Do not miss this chance to stand out from the crowd, be seen, be heard, and grow your business. 

Visit www.lpgweek.com for the booking details. For further information, do not hesitate to contact Esther Assous or exhibition@lpgweek.com .


Bringing the LPG Industry Back Together Again - SAFELY 

The LPG Week events team is working hard to put together the best, and more importantly, the safest event by continually consulting the Health & Safety regulations globally and specifically in Dubai. The measures change according to government decisions and with the evolution of the pandemic. Your health & safety is key to us, and we will share with you in due time a detailed overview of the measures that will be put in place for LPG Week.

What is LPG Week?

When the LPG Value Chain Connects

LPG Week is WLPGA’s flagship event that was launched in Amsterdam in 2019 during the 32nd World LPG Forum and 2019 European Congress. It includes the full LPG value chain under an umbrella of upstream summits; meetings; workshops on trading and shipping; training; a start-up village; business and networking opportunities; government regulatory seminars; and more. LPG Week will provide greater value for a wider range of participants than ever before. Whatever your stake in the LPG industry, whether you are a producer, a shipper, a trader, a distributor, a manufacturer, a government representative or even a consumer, LPG Week is for you.

LPG Week incorporates the successful annual World LPG Forum and its major global exhibition at its core, as well as the Global Technology Conference (GTC), the LPG for Development Summit (LPG4DEV). LPG Week also hosts the World LPG Challenge and Autogas Day. Are you interested in new technology or the prospects for bioLPG? Are you a trader or an LPG shipper looking to maintain or forge new relationships? Are you responsible for LPG for your national government or are you simply a citizen concerned by our energy future? LPG Week has it for you.

In addition, the exclusive social events and networking & business opportunities make LPG Week a unique event organised by the World LPG Association.

LPG Sectors represented during LPG Week are:

  • Production
  • Distribution and marketing companies,
  • Storage, handling & distribution equipment
  • Innovation and digitalisation solutions,
  • Engineering & project management,
  • Autogas equipment,
  • Appliances,
  • Media and publications,
  • Consultancy

What to expect

During one week, there will be a choice of dedicated summits, engaging meetings, dynamic conferences & workshops, a global exhibition and excellent social events to extend the networking & business opportunities.

World LPG Forum

The World LPG Forum is undoubtedly the premier global conference and exhibition in the LPG calendar travelling the globe each year, offering besides unparalleled business opportunities, high quality sessions and exhibition.

World LPG Forum exhibition

The World LPG Forum exhibition is the central hub where you can meet with all industry stakeholders. It represents a unique showcase for LPG companies as well as business and networking opportunities.

Exceptional Energy Stage

The EE Stageprovides you with the chance to show new projects, technologies, products and services, and more to delegates, exhibitors and visitors. It is situated in the middle of the exhibition, allowing maximum exposure for presentations and discussion.

Global Technology Conference

The primary aim of GTC is to showcase the most innovative and original technological ideas from around the world and create new opportunities for the LPG industry. It brings the LPG industry together, represented by all its stakeholders, from research entities to academic partners, LPG producing companies to equipment manufacturers, LPG distributers as well as the total supply distribution chain and beyond it.

LPG for Development

The LPG For Development Summit or LPG4DEV is an annual event co-hosted by WLPGA and the Global LPG Partnership (GLPGP) that seeks to highlight the role LPG must play in all areas of energy access and development.

World LPG Challenge

The World LPG Challenge is a start-up competition launched by the WLPGA in 2019 and designed to seek fresh solutions to industry challenges from people who work in the start-up community, outside of the LPG industry.

Autogas Day

Autogas Day provides a global platform to discuss the most recent developments in Autogas, from policy trends, to market success stories, to innovation.

Want to participate ?

If you are interested in attending the event as a delegate, registrations will open in June, so stay tuned! For more information regarding LPG Week or any of the events, please contact Esther Assous, Events Director at WLPGA, eassous@wlpga.org

LPG Week Website

The LPG Week website is your key source of information about the largest multi-track event in the LPG industry calendar covering details about registrations, sales opportunities, conferences, exhibition, networking opportunities, workshops and more. Stay connected and don’t miss out on any information regarding the biggest global LPG event so far! Visit www.lpgweek.com


Who is the World LPG Association (WLPGA)?

The WLPGA is the authoritative voice of the global LPG industry representing the full LPG value chain. The primary aim of the Association is to support the sector through driving premium demand for LPG, while also promoting compliance to good business and safety practices. The WLPGA brings together private and public companies involved in one, several, or all activities of the industry. In addition, it develops long-term partnerships with international organisations and implements projects on local and global scales. The Association was established in 1987 and granted Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council in 1989.


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