Natural gas database

The database of GasAgenda contains all the information for marketing focused towards enterprises that manage the distribution and marketing of natural gas.

The database is updated annually through a direct contact with the most important water service operators that operate in the 1077 Italian municipalities with more than 10,000 inhabitants (37.6 million inhabitants, accounting for 66% of the Italian population).


The database structure of the gas companies

The data are available on file and include a list of Italian gas companies

You can find:

• Company name
• Address
• Telephone
• Fax
• Email
• Website
• Technical Manager
• Type of management

You can also find the data base of the companies authorized to sell natul gas with the addresses, the phone number, e mail and the marketing manager name

The database is available in the following versions:

• Gas distribution companies
• Gas distribution companies and related municipalities served
• Companies authorized to sell natural gas